Thirteen is a Lucky Number

In the name of Stefano Dimera, we wish Joseph Mascolo a very Happy, Evil, Outstanding, Extraordinary Birthday! 


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Like Sands Thorugh the Hourglass…So Are the Love of Our Lives.

Now, where would the world be if it weren’t for Love?


So to celebrate love on behalf of the month of February and Valentine’s Day, we will take you back to the undying love between one of Days of Our Lives most favorite couples. You guessed it. It’s Bo and Hope y’all! 

Now let’s just start off by being honest. You’d be lying if you said that you did not wish to experience the type of love that Hope and Bo share. And yes, all boys, guys and men are included.

Bo and Hope share something much deeper than a relationship. It is  a deeper connection, a spiritual knowing that no matter how much they try to be with other people or deny the love for each other, the Universe always bring them back together. Their love for each other all lies in their eyes when they look at each other. Nothing can keep them apart, not even the genious, Stefano DiMera. The fact that one of them can sense when the other is in danger shows the degree of their love.

They first met on May 3rd 1983. She was just a teenager who graduated from High School, and he was a “bad boy” with his famous leather jacket. He just loved riding around on his motorbike. Here is the very first meeting they encountered.

Love in the making.


The Hourglass Club

Dear Days Lovers,


Let us jump right into today’s Throwback Friday, not to mention the very FIRST Throwback of the New Year! Wohoo!

Ali McIntyre, the nurse working at Salem University Hospital from 1998 to 1999 was not just any ordinary nurse. You see she had something a little extra. She had something very extra. Oh forget it she was psychotic. Obsessed. Crazy. And her personality intensified  when she layed eyes on Michael Horton, the Chief of Staff of the Hospital.

We must say that Ali is a very talented actress. To portray a psychotic woman, she was extremely believable. You see, her character has done everything from stalking Mike Horton all the way to another city, to trying to kill herself for his attention. Yep, you read it.  But she is not alone in this salsa craziness. Nancy and Craig Wesley, a married couple both working at the hospital are both in on this agenda with Ali. You see Craig Wesley is a doctor at the Hospital and Nancy, his wife is working as a volunteer also at the Hospital and she would do just about anything to help her husband reach the top. Carrie Brady, also working at the Hospital unfortunately had an affair with Mike Horton while married to Austin Roberts. Eventually, this makes Ali want to destroy not only Carrie’s reputation but even Mike’s so he loses his position to Craig and  Carrie loses her job too.

In this clip you will see Ali McIntyre when she as mentioned before tries to kill herself because she is obsessively in love with someone who does not feel the same way she does. So she tries to kill herself in Mike’s name, literally

OBS! This is not to mock or ridicule anyone. This is for PURE soap opera entertainment purposes ONLY. 

Happy Weekend Everyone!

The Hourglass Club 

Welcome Back, Days Lovers!

2013 was a great year. It was the year full of new experiences, where one of them being The Hourglass Club starting this wonderful blog. And we are happy to say that we are here to stay. (Hurray!)

We hope you have had a beautiful loving Holiday and have spent it with all of the people you love the most!

To celebrate this lovely New Year, The Hourglass Club is for the first time taking The Hourglass, turning it upside down, to symbolize the new year and a brand new journey of Days Of Our Lives with The Hourglass Club.

The Hourglass Club 

Eric & Greta

Hello wonderful Days Lovers!

Happy Friday!

Feels good to be back! We hope you all have had a happy thanksgiving and Black Friday! Let us kick offs our Throwback Friday. 

Greta Von Amberg, the daughter of Princess Gina and Eric Brady, the son of John Black and Marlena Evans, start off as friends, when Eric has just broken up with his girlfriend Nicole Walker. He decides to take the adventure with Greta to travel to Paris, France to discover the her past and unfold the mysteries of her mother  Princess Gina.

Throwback Friday

Dear Days Lovers,

We are back once again to relive the beautiful memories and express our thoughts on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Winter season is almost here and the Holidays are getting closer. We hope you are all ready and steady for Thanksgiving! In the mean time, let’s get our Throwback Friday on!

Brandon Walker vs. Stefano DiMera

Stefano DiMera is furious that Brandon Walker knows things he does not want him to know. Brandon Walker knows that Lexie’s baby and Hope’s baby were switched during birth. This was Stefano’s plan to make it appear as if Lexie’s baby was Hope’s and Hopes baby was Lexie’s. Brandon tries to convince Lexie to tell Hope the truth about the baby switch but Stefano DiMera will not, as always, give up without a fight! So what does Stefano do? He threatens him. 

Storyline: Stefano DiMera Threatens Brandon Walker
Year: 2001

Wishing you a Magical weekend! :)

The Hourglass Club 

Throwback Friday

It is 2002. Winter season has just hit Salem and the teens are cozied up and excited for the Holiday season. Mimi Lockhart, the daughter of David and Bonnie Lockhart, and Rex Brady, the biological son of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts, share their first kiss together in this video. We hope you enjoy it!



Until a very soon next time…

The Hourglass Club


We told you the party wasn’t over.